Confessions of a Design Diva: “The Pillowman”

Written in 2003, this play centers on a writer who creates gruesome stories featuring the violent deaths of children. Think the Brothers Grimm on acid.

The Pillowman written by Mark McDonagh is a wonderfully dark and terrifying play. 

Our graphic for this rollicking comedy captures how children’s imaginations perceive danger lurking everywhere: in the closet or right outside your window. (I know that I will be checking under my bed tonight.)

The stark, black-and-white palette creates a horror movie feel, while the elegant title treatment has a controlled literary feel. This juxtaposition is appropriate as The Pillowman is a horrifying and very literate play.

The graphic is also vague…in a good way. It suggests the horror of the play without getting too explicit. I mean, we do want people to come see it, right?

And that, my friends, is a behind the scenes look at Drama Queen Graphic’s poster for The Pillowman.