Branding Gender - Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Identity

The color palette in the WGSX logo is designed to change from one use to another. Because the program celebrates the differences between all people and actively promotes a harmonious world view, this ever-changing interaction of colors makes sense. It gives the logo an added depth and meaning. Moreover, the color variety connotes a dynamic and versatile program.

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James GallagherComment
Design with Restraint

Don’t you hate it when a movie trailer gives away the entire plot of a film? There is something to be said for restraint.

That was our philosophy when it came to marketing Casa Valentina which is receiving it’s non-professional regional premiere next week at The Colonial Players in Annapolis.

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’Tis the Season to Brand.

Dignity Players Branding

This is the look the that we created for Dignity Players. The company’s logo, limited two-color palette, use of high-contrast conceptual imagery, and large expanses of white space are the same family of branding elements that we’ve employed for 10 years. When you set eyes on this work, you KNOW it’s a Dignity Players production. 

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