Who am I...? I’m Jean Valjean!!!!

I'm only kidding. My name is Jim Gallagher, and I’m really more of a Javert. Drama Queen Graphics has over 28 years of experience in graphic design and 35 years in the theater.

Since 1989, I have worked as a creative director for a nationally-known, award-winning advertising agency. Most clients have been of the corporate persuasion: Logos galore. Brochures and websites. Ad concepts. Illustration. Lots of blue.

All the while I’ve been acting. I began in “Our Town” at the tender age 14, and most recently I played Sherlock Holmes in “Sherlock's Last Case” at the less tender age of 50. And somewhere along the way, I donned a beret and began directing.

Ten years ago, I began designing for local theaters and my two worlds came together. Fast forward five years and Drama Queen Graphics is born – the perfect marriage of the theater and graphic design! The combination of my arts skill and my passion for the theater gives me insight into how to capture the essence of a play or musical in graphic form. 

My goal is to make a show’s graphics look as good as the show itself.

35 years of onstage work