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I’ve been a “theater person” for nearly 40 years and a design professional for 30.

I began my theater career in Our Town at the tender age 14, and most recently I played Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock's Last Case at the less tender age of 50. (And somewhere along the way, I donned a beret and began directing.) Fast forward to 1989, when I began working as an art director at a nationally-known, award-winning advertising agency. Because most of my clients were of the corporate persuasion (lots of logos and lots of blue), I was compelled to try a new direction.

So, about ten years ago, I had “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup moment,” when my two favorite things came together and became Drama Queen Graphics. With an insider’s insight into how theater operations work, I can efficiently assess your theater’s current branding and offer strategies on ways to further engage with your audience. Drama Queen can then execute these strategies; capturing the essence of your theater and its productions and translating them into graphic form. 

Let’s chat today about how to maximize your brand.

40 years of Stage Work