Summer Nights in the Spotlight

Signage is big in the summer for a very simple reason: more people are walking around outside.

A banner hanging on your building, on local street signs or even hanging over the street WILL get attention. So try to maximize your facility’s resources and the surrounding environment as best you can.

Design-wise, make sure your design is big and bold. Size-up the fonts so that the text can be read from across the street. And don’t junk up your space with a ton of info. The goal is to get the public’s attention and entice them to learn more about your show, not bludgeon them with details. For that reason, make sure you include contact information so that your potential ticket buyers do know where to get the specifics.

Let’s get the summer season started!

Disclaimer: You caught me! My designs for Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre do not have contact information (or the theater’s name for that matter!) because the theater has additional signs that contain that information. 


ASGT exterior with signs copy.jpg