Drama Queen is coming to Off-Broadway!


We are thrilled to be on the creative team for Garjana…which could be the biggest musical experience to hit NYC in 2019!

Drama Queen created the initial visual identity for Garjana, and will continue to work with the show as it move towards its Off-Broadway opening in October 2019.

WHAT IS Garjana?

Garjana began as a workshop and garnered critical praise and sold-out crowds.
And the response was amazing!

“about to be New York City’s hottest trend.”

Playbill Magazine

“stars from Broadway, music, film, and television lead Garjana.”

The New York Times

“the abundant smiles, encouragement, and laughs left no room to worry.”

Billboard Magazine

Several recent studies have found that millennials are now choosing dancing over drinking, clean living over cocktails, and connecting with people over isolation with their iPhones. Garjana is their new outlet.”

Broadway World

And NOW a full production of Garjana is slated to open at Manhattan’s 3LD Art and Technology Center in Fall 2019.

Garjana is an immersive theatrical experience that turns the audience into dancers and bandmates as they explore an unknown planet filled with fun-loving aliens, political infighting, and giant cats. Led by a young, diverse cast of Broadway performers and international talent, Garjana showcases a new (to Earth) musical genre with hints of Afrobeat and South Asian influences, emphasizing audience participation and improvisation throughout. The show is an emotional roller coaster injected with goofy humor and a strong humanist message that will leave the crowd inspired, joyful, and sweaty from dancing so much.

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