Right Show. Wrong Audience.

Don’t you hate it when the wrong audience fills the house. 

Let me set the scene… 

You’re producing Love Valour Compassion complete with naked bodies and a little onstage whoopee, and who is seated in the front row of the first Sunday matinee? A nice group of church-going ladies. They have no idea what they are in for. It’s Easter-time and they think they're about to see the sequel to The Greatest Story Ever Told. They’re totally psyched. 

Two hours later, the actors are uncomfortable (despite the absence of any chaffing costumes), the rest of the audience is tense, and the church ladies’ hair has turned several shades grayer. (Should they ever find themselves in Key West, however, they will know what’s-what.) 

How can this not happen TO YOU? 

Send a postcard. Literally. 

A postcard’s main function is to advertise the show, but why not take the opportunity to impart pertinent information about your production? Whether it’s an e-card or a printed card, a postcard educates your audience. I mean, if you’re producing “Barnum,” you want to make sure that folks with peanut allergies sit in the BACK row, right? 

You can also list your cast, dates, and pretty much anything else. 

What’s more, the cast has an official piece that can be posted, tweeted, texted or hand delivered. And here’s a money saving tip: the front of the postcard can use the same artwork as your program. This repetition is a win-win: reusing the same artwork is cheaper, AND the repetition helps to reinforce your brand. 

Easy, right?