No Logo? No Worries.

Branding: More than a logo. 

Having a logo for your theater is fabulous, but branding does not rely solely on a logo.

Of course, to some this is design heresy! Although logos are a fundamental and important branding tool, I think there are other valid ways to brand your theater and its productions. 

Take for example, Drama Queen’s client Dignity Players. 

While Dignity has a wonderful logo (designed by yours humbly!), the theater’s distinct graphic look includes more than a logo.

Each Dignity Player’s design uses a high contrast black-and-white image accompanied by splashes of orange. The viewer doesn’t need to see the group’s logo, because these elements immediately identify the show as a Dignity production.

Dignity's publicity materials represent an alternative way to build a visual identity - one that communicates a brand identity without relying on a logo to do all the work. Rather, the Dignity brand has been built on the consistent use of key visual elements. And in branding, as in life, consistency is key.