Is a Poster Right for YOUR Show? Part 1

Step 1 – First Impressions

A poster’s first job is to grab the viewer’s attention. 

So, Mister Potential Audience Man is standing in Starbucks, waiting for his soy latte, and sees your poster in the window. If the poster is visually arresting, he thinks to himself: “Hmmm…I wonder what that is?” Contact is made. Step 1 is accomplished. It’s time to move on to… 

Step 2 – The Decision

We’ll assume that Mr. P has not been to your theater and thus he has no idea how great your shows are. (And yes, for the sake of argument, let’s also assume that he doesn’t realize that YOU are the star and that this performance may very well be THE theater event of the season – wow, ego much?) 

Anyway, he looks at the poster. It looks professional, the information is clearly presented, and the imagery is kind of cool (no ugly Photoshop filters or cheesy clip art.) He thinks: “This looks like a quality production. I might check it out.” Step 2 is complete. 

Step 3 – The Details

Mr. P takes note of your website and phone number and types the info into his phone. Boy, it’s a good thing that BOTH are included and legible, right? (Please please don’t miss the snarky passive-aggressiveness of that last statement! Make sure your web address and/or phone number are included!!)

Wait, we’re not finished yet!
Check out Part 2...!