Is a Poster Right for YOUR Show? Part 2

Step 4 – The Follow Up

He may call for tickets or maybe he’ll check out your website. Thank heavens your website is userfriendly, right? (Again, PLEASE don’t miss the snarky passive-aggressive of this last statement.)

Sorry for the tough love, but most people rely on websites. Period. So your organization should have a decent one. But relax, we’ll cover this topic in a future story. 

Step 5 – Arrival

Mr. P. arrives at your performing space for the first time. Your company uses the sanctuary of a church to perform so there is no exterior signage. But what does he spy near the entrance, but a marquee-sized poster! And whatdayaknow, the marquee looks exactly like the poster!! He immediately recognizes that cool poster from the Starbucks and knows he is in the right place. Mr. Potential Audience Man becomes Mr. Audience Man as he walks in the door and sits down. 

Mission accomplished. 

Reviews and word-of-mouth matter, but a patron’s decision is also influenced by what he/she sees: posters, signs, newspaper ads, brochures, and web site. With theaters competing harder than ever for audiences, you need to stand out.

A good design can give you that edge.