Hug Your Bat Boy

I heart Bat Boy: The Musical. I saw it Off-Broadway many moons ago and found it absolutely delightful. It’s campy, scary, irreverent, wonderfully melodic and just plain fun.
It’s like Ru Paul’s Drag Race with fangs, less glitter and no tucking.

The Colonial Players of Annapolis was producing the show and I had the great pleasure of creating the poster.

Wanting to feature Bat Boy but retain some of his mystique, we arrived at a concept where most of his face is covered. The actor wore prosthetic ears and some make-up, which I digitally enhanced making sure to accentuate Edgar’s cave pallor.

So, Drama Queen did a rough sketch to show the producers and director what I had in mind.

We then did a photoshoot, where we shot each actor separately (ensuring maximum design flexibility). Then I digitally assembled them in Photoshop. This approach saves time and tedium for everyone, plus we only had one stool.

And speaking of “digit-ally:” Holy Bat Feet! The actor who plays Bat Boy has some fierce digits. His bat-ass self is successfully serving up some authentic bat-titude.

We added in the faux front pages, a retro diner backdrop, and an appropriately campy logo treatment. The theater loves it.

Good times for everyone but the cows. (If you’ve seen the show, you’ll find that reference hysterical.)