Design Awards

Drama Queen FlashBack (or Hot Flash)

Drama Queen Graphics is thrilled to have won two 2013 Design Awards for Graphics at AACTFest, the association’s national conference in Indianapolis.

Our two entries were the Xanadu marquee for Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre; and the 1776 marquee for The Colonial Players of Annapolis.

The judges critique was:

“The designer did an excellent job of keeping with the graphic standards of the organizations while promoting two very different shows – a classic musical (1776) and a contemporary one (Xanadu).

The design concept for the 1776 piece came from the director of the show, and the graphic designer communicated the concept clearly and simply. The choice to focus on the everyman (the courier) instead of the founding fathers was intriguing to me. Loved it.

The Xanadu poster was fun, colorful and eye catching.

Each poster looked professional, had good composition, was simple, engaging and told a story. The choice of fonts and styles was appropriate to each respective show.”

Special thanks to the theaters and the models!