Confessions of a Design Diva: “Prelude to a KIss”

The frog symbolizes the old man.

If you’re familiar with the show (which revolves around the magical transformation of Peter’s wife Rita into an old man), you know that in one pivotal scene Peter kisses the old man in order to regain his youthful (and female) wife. And so the frog literally symbolizes the old man. 

But this design also works if the viewer doesn’t know the show because the frog imagery is recognizable as ‘fairytale short hand.’ It immediately and succinctly communicates the gist of the play. I mean, nothing says fairytale more than a frog wearing a crown, right?!

The number one job of any show poster is to pique the viewer’s curiosity and create intrigue about the show. This poster design succeeds because it engages viewers whether they know the show or not. One can appreciate the clever fairytale symbolism or just enjoy the sight of a giant green frog wearing a shiny gold crown! Either way, the design is going to turn some heads.

And that, my friends, is a behind the scenes look at Drama Queen Graphic’s poster for Prelude to a Kiss.